It is with great pleasure that I announce to the church the formation of a Women’s Ministry Council.  With support from my wife Heather, this council will serve as an extension of my pastoral ministry to the women the Lord has placed in our church and city.  My heart is to make sure that as a shepherd I am meeting the needs of this very special part of my flock, even as the church continues to grow.  

In my experience, women’s ministry has often been under or poorly done.  It has either been relegated to it’s own small corner of the church to flounder, or it has become a platform for the introduction of unbiblical ideas about femininity.  Frankly, neither are acceptable.  I desire to mutually affirm the goodness in male headship, while equally upholding the grandness of God’s design for women in our church, community, and home.  

Women’s ministry functions in two spheres.  As a pastor, if I can challenge the men in our church and community to be better fathers, husbands, and leaders in their home, I am inherently ministering to the women in their lives.  To this end I am committed in both my preaching and personal life.  In other words, the first sphere of women’s ministry is included in a larger commitment to ministering to the family.  And yet, there is also a sense that the scriptures exhort women toward very specific ministries outside of their families; a second sphere of women’s ministry.  In Titus, we see older women called to teach younger women.  And please note, this isn’t merely physical age but also spiritual.  In Mary and Martha, we see community exhibited thru the ministries of hospitality and service.  There are needs presented every day that women are uniquely gifted to meet.  My prayer is that our Women’s Ministry would help to meet these needs along these four pillars:  Women teaching Women, Community, Service, and Hospitality.  

I have asked Mrs. Judy Seawel to lead out in this effort, serving as the chair of the council.  Outside of my bride, she will be my principal advisor on Women’s Ministry.  Judy and her husband Brent are a Bible saturated couple that the Lord has used actively in lay and vocational ministry for over three decades.  The council will also include Mrs. Toni Miller, Mrs. Vickie Seitz, and others.  These women of God will be integral in getting this effort off the ground.  

As she leaves to follow the Lord’s calling, many thanks are due to Mrs. Carrie Kendall for all of her efforts to initiate and champion the cause of women at Calvary.  Following in the path she began, the days and months ahead represent a great opportunity for women to flourish in our church and community as never before.  If you’re excited about being a part of this, I’d invite you to reach out to Judy at and find out how.

These are great days Calvary!  To God be the Glory!

Pastor Adam

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