Vision Sunday has come and gone, and for many, the question remains “what now?”  

You’ve had a chance to hear my sermon, you’ve received the prayer card as you left the worship center, and perhaps you’ve perused through the slideshow presentation on the website.  In some ways, it’s possible that Vision Sunday prompted as many questions as it answered.  But if we frame Vision Sunday in the context of the beginning of a conversation, rather than me walking down the mountain with stone tablets, it did what it was supposed to do.  Here are some insights into Vision Sunday that I hope prove helpful as we continue the conversation:

The Vision Itself:  The Lord has given me a burden for this church and our witness in the community, but let me be clear:  He did not give me a new revelation.  The Bible is all the Vision we will ever need, so please understand that the direction I provided on Vision Sunday was an application from Luke 10:25-37 and the Great Commandment.  The application of scripture is the basis from which we move forward as a church.

The Mission:  Love God and Love your Neighbor.  Loving God is Worshiping God.  Worshiping God through a love for His Word.  Worshiping God through an intimacy in prayer.  Worshiping God through our generous giving.  Worshiping God through our tireless service.  Worshiping God through our full throated singing.  Worshiping God through our obedience.  Loving our Neighbor is Building Community.  Community within our families.  Community within our Life Groups.  Community within our Church.  Community with our City.  Building each other up.  Doing life together, with no person left behind.  Our mission in shorthand: Worship & Community.

The Conversation:  Just a beginning.  Throughout the fall, I plan on making myself available to answer whatever questions the Lord lays on your heart about the future at Calvary.  Whether they be about our finances, facilities, music, or life groups, please  leave no stone unturned and no question unasked.  If you would like to host a small group gathering in your home as a setting for me to speak to the vision, please contact our office at  We’ll get it on the calendar for this fall, and I’ll be ready to spend a few minutes with you and 10-15 of your closest friends.  Keep in mind these type of in-home receptions can be great occasions for you to invite your friends looking for a church home.  I’d love to meet with them and share about what God is doing at Calvary!

God is at work my friends.  We Walk forward by faith.  We Trust in His leading.  We Rest in His Provision.

-Pastor Adam


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