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A Thankful Pastor

As we celebrate Thanksgiving my heart overflows with reminders of God’s goodness.  In these quiet moments before the fullness of turkey and shopping, let me express a few words of gratitude in reflecting on all the Lord’s blessings.

  • I am thankful that God never gave up on me.  Each and every day I am reminded of who I was in my wanderings.  Which means that each and every day I am also reminded of who Christ is in his redemption.  Our sin is great, but our savior is greater!
  • I am thankful for a loving wife.  Most will never know the challenge that a pastor’s wife encounters.  Shuttling the kids to church by herself.  Propping up her husband in his vulnerability.  Leading, modeling, and encouraging in so many ways unseen.  Today, I give thanks to God for a wife whose calling to me flows from her calling to Christ.  I love you Heather.
  • I am thankful for my sweet children.  Being a father has brought out my very best and very worst.  I am thankful God is a great Heavenly Father even when I fall short as an earthly father.  But in their resilience, my perseverance, and God’s grace, my children are growing into wonderful people.  As each parent will attest, I am undeserving of these little faces that the Lord has entrusted me with, and I pray each day they would know Christ as their savior.  They are beautiful and special gifts from God. 
  • I am thankful to be a Pastor.  What a wonderful and sacred calling from the Lord.  To shepherd a flock.  To lead a congregation.  To oversee the affairs of the local body of Christ.  For all of these reasons, I count my blessings to be among those very few who have the privilege to be called Pastor.  
  • I am thankful to be the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church.  Our family has been received with open arms by the sweet Calvary family.  Almost a year ago we were introduced to Calvary thru an email from the search team.  From then until now, the Lord has immersed us in His favor and the love of this sweet church.  Not a day goes by without its share of exhaustion or obstacles.  But not a day goes by without a clear sense that God has called the Mallette family to this church and these days.  I thank God for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He is getting ready to do at Calvary!

May the Lord bless you richly today and every day.  May you sense His presence working in your lives.  May you be renewed in your body and in your spirit.  God’s blessings to you on this Thanksgiving day!

Pastor Adam

“Peace to the brothers and sisters, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Grace be with all who have undying love for our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Ephesians 6:23-24


At this time of the year we are often focused on fall festivals, changing leaves, and the upcoming holiday season.  We drink our pumpkin spice latte and kindle our bonfires with the excitement of childhood.  But in the wonder of the fall landscape, let us pause to remember how our lives have been forever changed by a few days in latter October.   

October 31, 1517

An Augustianian Monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg, crystalizing a protest known today as the Protestant Reformation.  This reformation included core convictions which span into the present church.  In concert with the development of the printing press, this reformation placed the Word of God, in the language of the people, at the forefront of Christian worship.  Here is a helpful article by Justin Holcomb and short-video from my friend Dr. J.T. English explaining a little more about what happened on this day in history.

 October 28, 1966

A few hearty souls came together with a desire to worship God here in the City of Republic.  They were bound together by a common belief that the bible was God’s Word and the church was His possession.  From these beginnings came Calvary Baptist Church.  With a heritage of faith expanding fifty-one years, Calvary has been used of God to change the landscape of this community.  Our 50th Anniversary Video captures some of our unique history is southwest Missouri. 


As we step into our future let us remember our past.  We are forever changed by the contribution of those five-hundred and those fifty-one years ago.  We are the beneficiaries of their courage and conviction.  Let us be challenged to be a people of courage and conviction.  Let us be challenged to believe that it is by God’s grace alone, thru faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone that the sinner is saved to bring glory to God alone.  Let us hear the words Sola Scriptura and be reminded of all the ways the Word of God is re-forming us.

We honor those who came before us, but let us remember the source of their strength.  They were ordinary men empowered by an extraordinary God.  We move forward in time because He created time.  We stand on the truth of His Word, because He is the Word.  We assemble as a church, because He gave us the church.  We shine a beacon of light because He is the light.  

May the Lord bless you richly in the weeks ahead as we reflect on the past and inaugurate the future, always allowing God to re-form us into the image of His Son.

-Pastor Adam

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